#38 – Heidi Roizen (What makes a ‘great’ entrepreneur?)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Heidi Roizen and I talk about:

  • Which role Stanford University played in Heid’s life personally and how much of a role it has in spawning entrepreneurship.
  • Why entrepreneurship is such an important tool to change the world (to the better).
  • What are the motivations for entrepreneurship? What skills and values pay off for entrepreneurs?
  • Are the public market in a state of irrational exuberance?
  • Is the big stagnation is real in entrepreneurship? Have we let go of our own high expectations to improve?
  • How the ‘baby boomers’ have corned the real estate market and why the millennials have trouble following the ‘boomer model’?
  • Where does Heidi stand in the Miami vs San Francisco debate?
  • Do we live in a simulation? Will we be able to upload ourselves into a silicon based lifeform?
  • Will we be able to ‘rebuild’ our ancestors from their DNA?
  • Are first time entrepreneurs or ‘wise’ serial entrepreneurs the better choice?
  • How is religion linked to entrepreneurship?
  • How would ‘free energy’ change our life?

Watch this episode in 4K resolution on Youtube – The Judgment Call Podcast Episode #38 – Heidi Roizen (What makes a ‘great’ entrepreneur?).

Heidi Roizen is a venture capitalist at Threshold Ventures, former entrepreneur and Silicon Valley evangelist. She also actively mentors new entrepreneurs.

You may reach Heidi via LinkedIn.