#11 Peter Bordes (How entrepreneurs learn, what’s the future of entrepreneurship and will simulations take over soon?)

In this episode of The Judgment Call Podcast Peter Bordes and I talk about:

  • What drove Peter to become a serial entrepreneur?
  • What is the archetype of an entrepreneur composed of?
  • Is the current path to success for many startups broken? Is the ‘old boys network’ still in charge of the IP pipeline?
  • What impact does the ‘death if the industrial age’ have on the tech industry?
  • How does Peter’s investment process work?
  • Peter’s plan to incorporate a body of knowledge for successful entrepreneurship and building a business (the four pillars).
  • Has Silicon Valley already moved into the cloud and left the local area?
  • How will education work in the future? How will we motivate people to learn? How will we choose topics? What value does mentorship have?
  • Are startup accelerators like YCombinator a good way for startups to grow?
  • What role religion plays in entrepreneurship?
  • How travel to other regions influenced Peter and what adventures he lived through.
  • What is ‘positive PTSD’?
  • How we have all been swept up by this person-to-person proganada (in order to sell more).
  • Will we have an AI that prospects us from Big Tech propaganda soon?
  • What will be the outcome the media upheaval?
  • Will there be a singularity of knowledge accumulation soon?
  • Do we live in a simulation? Will we simulate our own minds soon?

Peter Bordes is a serial entrepreneur, executive, investor, mentor and advisor. He currently runs Trajectory CapitalTruVest and MainBloq.

You can reach Peter on Linkedin.