#16 Bennet Bayer (How to be an effective CEO/CMO anywhere on the planet)

In this episode Bennet Bayer and I talk about:

  • What are some of the most remarkable experiences Bennet had while working in a new country?
  • Why asking the ‘right Why questions’ is a golden rule.
  • What’s advantage of being an intraprenuer instead of an entrepreneur?
  • How to build the connection between technology and human emotion?
  • Will ‘virtual companies’ with minimal operations become the norm?
  • Will ‘Big Tech’ keep accumulating in size?
  • Will we continue to move our lives into the cloud and keep retreating from the physical world?
  • What are examples of technology companies with a great product but terrible marketing?
  • What are examples of technology companies with great marketing but a terrible product?
  • How to hire a great salesperson?
  • What is the role of educational institutions in the age of the Internet?
  • What are great opportunities for entrepreneurs right now?
  • and much more.

Bennet has been CMO or CEO (incl. Huawei Global CMO) in a long list of companies. He has been holding management positions in a dozen different countries including Afghanistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

You can reach Bennet via LinkedIn.