#15 Jay Zhao (The case for a better Venture Capital fund and better US-China relationships)

In this episode Jay Zhao and I talk about:

  • What investment opportunities Jay is currently excited about?
  • Jay’s favorite investment so far – Sleeper
  • How can a Venture Capitalist stay honest and humble?
  • How are the interests of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists aligned?
  • What is the best way for founders and VC’s to find a “common match”?
  • Is the ‘big stagnation’ real? Will AI solve our GDP growth issue?
  • What is the best company to start in China right now?
  • Is China now ‘more entrepreneurial’ and ‘more common-sense’ than the US?
  • Is China now in a similar phase as Germany was post world-war I?
  • What role does the ‘superiority complex’ play in China, Germany or Japan.
  • What are China’s best cities?

Jay Zhao is an entrepreneur-turned-VC, and is currently Managing Partner at Leonis Capital, he was a Partner at T Fund (aka TCL Ventures) and Walden Venture Capital before.

You can reach Jay via LinkedIn.