#61 Jonny Price (Wefunder, Crowdfunding, Kiva, Online Marketing)

In this episode of he Judgment Call Podcast Jonny Price and I talk about:

  • 00:03:38 Why Crowdfunding is so hot right now? Why was the ban on ‘consumer financing’ in place for almost 100 years?
  • 00:11:02 What is the rate of return (IRR) for WeFunder investments? How can you hedge your bets with Crowdfunding?
  • 00:24:11 Have we missed out on innovations during the last 20 years because Crowdfunding wasn’t available? Will it raise the amount of entrepreneurial activity?
  • 00:29:30 Are we in a ‘seed stage’ accelerator bubble? How does WeFunder compete with startup accelerators? Does Crowdfunding only work if you spend heavily on marketing?
  • 00:44:08 Why was kiva.org so successful and why did it stop growing eventually?
  • 00:56:08 Why kiva.org re-invented a Business Credit Score and why it withdrew from general interest marketing?
  • 01:07:36 How does WeFunder get rid of ‘bad actors’?

You can also watch this episode on Youtube – #61 Jonny Price (Wefunder, Crowdfunding, Kiva, Online Marketing).

Jonny Price is the Director of Fundraising at Wefunder, which helps startups and small businesses raise capital through investment crowdfunding. Before that Jonny worked at kiva.org.

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