#60 Steven B. Smith (Patriotism, What makes a great political regime, socialism, European powers)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Steven B. Smith and I talk about:

  • 00:02:01 How Steven’s latest book about the Virtue of Patriotism has been received? What does patriotism actually mean? Is patriotism just an emotion? Does patriotism imply a sense of superiority?
  • 00:16:34 Should we start our own customized virtual countries? Is the nation state outdated and too many assumptions are ‘baked into the cake’ of the existing nation state?
  • 00:33:29 Do we live in the best possible ‘political regime’?
  • 00:37:23 Is Jean-Jacques Rousseau the original ‘father of socialism’? What are the advantages of his thought process and the direct democracy?
  • 00:43:23 An origin story of the ‘two sides’ of the US political system? Are we wasting too many resources in a ‘repetitive debate’?
  • 00:50:43 Why are we drawn to so many false dichotomies and narratives – especially on a federal level? Are we in a crisis of representative democracy?
  • 00:59:10 Is the uptick in the rate of change the reason for the return to authoritarianism? Is an authoritarian regime the ‘Venture Capital’ of political regimes? Does democracy need more competition?
  • 01:11:43 Why has there not been a revolution in the US since 1776?
  • 01:18:41 Is the ‘falling out with god’ the root cause of what happened in the 20th century in Europe? What was the role of Germany during the time?
  • 01:25:43 How the approach to (political) philosophy in Germany and East Asia so different.
  • 01:31:11 Why WWI changed European politics forever?

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Steven B. Smith has been teaching at Yale since 1984. Steven’s lecture series ‘Introduction to Political Philosophy‘ has been viewed 700,000 times on Youtube. Steven also has been a prolific author including  Hegel’s Critique of Liberalism Political Philosophy (2012) and the Modernity and its Discontents .

His newest book “Reclaiming Patriotism in an Age of Extremes” is now available on Amazon.

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