The Judgment Call Podcast Episode #17 Hayvi Bouzo (An inside look into the political landscape of the Middle East)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Hayvi Bouzo talk about:

  • What makes the Middle East so special as a region of innovation, spirituality and lately turmoil and conflict?
  • What Hayvi found to be true during her time growing up in Damascus, Syria.
  • Why democracies tend to be better at delivering ‘basic services’ to their citizens.
  • What are ‘forces for good’ in the Middle East according to Hayvi?
  • The true impact of the ‘Abraham Accords’ in the Middle East.
  • How should we deal with ‘reformers’ in the Middle East regime countries?
  • Will the new US administration retreat further from US footprint in the world?
  • Why most of the best allies of the US eventually turn into enemies?
  • Is the slowing productivity growth an issue for future US geopolitics?
  • Is the impact of foreign policies overstated?
  • and much more!

Hayvi Bouzo is journalist, TV host, podcast host and blogger. Hayvi focuses on the Middle East and the political and cultural tension in the region.

You can reach Hayvi via LinkedIn.