#36 – Peter Oncken (How to buy/run and sell an airline anywhere)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Peter Oncken and I talk about:

  • How Peter got to start an airline during COVID
  • How Peter got started with his amazing track record of restructuring five airlines in Europe
  • Why it is so hard to make money in the airline industry?
  • Why low-cost & long haul flying is so hard?
  • The amazing success of Wizz Air in Europe?
  • Why Peters’s newest airline Aero K is starting up in South Korea.
  • How Qatar Airways has stealthily become the ‘World’s Best Airline’?
  • Who makes the most money in the aviation industry?
  • Will electric aircraft take over soon? What are synthetic fuels?

You can watch this episode on Youtube – The Judgment Call Podcast Episode #36 – Peter Oncken (How to buy/run and sell an airline anywhere).

Peter Oncken is Managing Partner of INTRO Aviation GmbH. Peter has been buying, restructuring, running and selling airlines for two decades including dba, LTU, Cityjet and Corsair.

You may reach Peter via LinkedIn.