#30 Ted Schilowitz (The future of the entertainment industry)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Ted Schilowitz and I talk about:

  • Is Hollywood missing ‘good hacker’s?
  • Does ‘core innovation’ or ‘commercialization’ matter more in technological progress?
  • Will Hollywood become a leader in innovation? Does it already provide a ‘permissionless environment’?
  • What entertainment will the iPhone 2030 edition deliver?
  • What is the current state of innovation for ‘wearable glasses’? Do they have a ‘Newton’ or an ‘iPhone’ moment currently?
  • Why did VR not take off (yet)?
  • What is the killer app for AR?
  • Will Big Tech ever shrink again?
  • Are Bitcoin and UBI a great idea? What are good alternatives?

What this episode on Youtube in 4K – The Judgment Call Podcast Episode #30 Ted Schilowitz (The future of the entertainment industry).

Ted started out as a Director and producer of his own films. After that he joined a number of technology companies including RED an innovative producer of high end movie cameras and after working at FOX Studios he is now futurist in residence at Paramount and an evangelist and speaker for the role of innovation in Hollywood.

You may reach Ted on LinkedIn.