#41 – Simon Anholt (What makes a good country)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Simon Anholt and I talk about:

  • How Simon has helped dozens of government entities over the years and how it shaped his ‘view of the world’?
  • How governments and citizens define their ‘country mission’? What is a country for exactly?
  • What should be the right balance between competition and collaboration between nation states?
  • Are humans now being perceived as pieces on a chessboard?
  • How manipulated are we currently? And a surprising results of Simon’s index building.
  • How travel shapes the image of countries (in other people’s eyes and yours).
  • How Simon got to start a ‘virtual nation’.
  • Why it is so strange that ‘Community Service’ is a punishment.
  • Where does progress actually come from?
  • and much more!

You may watch the episode on Youtube – The Judgment Call Podcast Episode #41 – Simon Anholt (What makes a good country).

Over the last twenty years, Simon Anholt has advised the Presidents, Prime Ministers, monarchs and governments of nearly sixty countries, cities and regions. Simons’s TED talks have amassed millions of views on ted.com and on Youtube. Simon Anholt is the (co)-creator of the Nation Brands Index and the Good Country Index.

Simon has written six books about countries, their images and their role in the world. His latest book, The Good Country Equation: How We Can Repair the World in One Generation is now available on Amazon.