#77 Pablo Fetter (Dubai’s economic success story, Islam’s enlightenment, the art of killing a virus)

  • 00:04:01 How Dubai feels during the Ramadan?
  • 00:08:37 Why Dubai now gives citizenship to foreigners and allows companies to own real estate and corporations now?
  • 00:16:29 Why Dubai’s regulations seem to actually help businesses and individuals instead of hampering progress constantly?
  • 00:24:41 Why (the talk about) socialism is so popular in the US and how it contrasts with Dubai?
  • 00:33:03 How Dubai’s social norms are liberalizing right now? Is the ‘Islamic enlightenment’ happing in Dubai right now?
  • 00:48:32 How Dubai handled COVID.
  • 01:01:22 How Dubai is developing a business case for vaccinations.
  • 01:10:10 Has the world caught another virus of low productivity growth? How did it start? Is Dubai a place that can teach us to grow quicker?

You may view this episode on Youtube – Pablo Fetter (Dubai’s economic success story, Islam’s enlightenment, the art of killing a virus).

Pablo Fetter is an engineer, investment professional and education entrepreneur. Pablo’s been a globetrotter all his life and calls Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East his home.

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