#42 – Erika Armstrong (The life of a pilot)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Erika Armstrong and I talk about:

  • Why becoming a pilot is hard and why it may still be a great endeavour despite COVID”
  • Why operating a modern airliner is such a great example for the work that will see in many places in the future.
  • What are exciting new developments past the COVID crisis?
  • What are the secrets of planes landing in ‘zero visibility’?
  • Is the ‘first landing attempt’ always free? And what impact do passengers have on pilot decisions in business aviation?
  • My personal ‘scariest flying story’ ever.
  • Erika’s personal ‘conspiracy theory’ about MH370.
  • How common are drone strikes and laser strikes really?

You can watch this episode on Youtube – The Judgment Call Podcast Episode #42 – Erika Armstrong (The life of a pilot).

Erika Armstrong  is a commercial pilot and aviation professor at MSU Denver. She is also the author of “A chick in the cockpit”.