#47 – Boris Kester (What traveling to 193 countries teaches you about humanity)

In this episode Boris Kester and I talk about:

  • What inspired Boris to travel to all 193 countries in the world?
  • What is Boris’ recommendation about a great (and easily accessible) countries in Africa and Asia to travel to?
  • How likely is it to get into a dangerous situation when traveling to so many ‘unknown’ countries?
  • How Boris goes about planning his amazing trips.
  • Why Madagascar is such a fascinating country.
  • Will technology make travel virtual? How is technology changing travel?
  • Why do we travel? Does travel make you a better person?
  • Where does wisdom come from?

You can also watch this episode on Youtube – The Judgment Call Podcast Episode #47 – Boris Kester (What traveling to all 193 countries teaches you about humanity).

Boris Kester has traveled to all UN-recognized 193 different countries. Boris maintains an amazing collection of trip reports and photos on his website traveladventures.org from his journeys. In his other life Boris works as a Senior Purser at KLM Dutch Airlines.