#67 Steve Hoffman (Awesome venture investments, the singularity, being a modern explorer)

  • 00:02:26 What is really the difference between an incubator, accelerator and a seed stage fund? How does FoundersSpace.com work with entrepreneurs?
  • 00:07:10 How Steve uses his experiences as a motivational speaker to help startups?
  • 00:11:49 Can major innovation ever come from ‘Big Corporations’? How should it be done? Should we break up large Internet monopoly companies?
  • 00:21:08 Is there a ‘mid-stage’ funding desert for most startups? Can and should it be addressed?
  • 00:26:12 Steve’s favorite field(s) of investment right now?
  • 00:31:30 Why Steve is so excited about brain computer interface technologies?
  • 00:36:13 What does Steve think of the Singularity? What will happen to human jobs and activities?
  • 00:56:16 How will we co-existed with intelligent machines?
  • 01:04:19 Why wars (and life) resembles a ‘winner-takes-all’ game?
  • 01:12:15 Why Steve became a digital nomad?
  • 01:17:31 Why are some many billionaires so unhappy and don’t use their leverage for ‘the good of the world’? Or is that a myth?

You may watch this episode on Youtube – #67 Steve Hoffman (Awesome venture investments, the singularity, being a modern explorer).

Steve Hoffman, or Captain Hoff, is the CEO of Founders Space. He’s a venture investor, serial entrepreneur, and author of several award-winning books including ‘Make Elephants Fly‘ and ‘Surviving a Startup‘.

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