Jim McNeill (What the Arctic teaches us about humanity)

  • 00:01:53 What drove Jim to start the Ice Warrior project where he trains polar explorers.
  • 00:09:16 How training for the Ice Warrior project actually works?
  • 00:15:21 What sort of personalities typically succeed when Jim runs them through his Arctic training exercises?
  • 00:25:30 The amazing logistics of Jim’s polar expeditions.
  • 00:35:30 Can you drive to the North Pole? What is the difference between the ‘Magnetic Pole’ and the real ‘North Pole’?
  • 00:40:06 Did Jim or an Ice Warrior member ever come close to loosing their life?
  • 00:50:01 What role your metabolism plays in staying warm in extreme conditions?
  • 00:58:03 Will we ever see Jim exploring the Himalayans?
  • 01:06:23 Why do we go for such crazy challenges? Why do we need them?
  • 01:16:37 What can we learn from Arctic expeditions that will help us build a Martian society or solve problems we have on earth.

You may watch this episode on Youtube – #68 Jim McNeill (What the Arctic teaches us about humanity).

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Jim McNeill is a former scientist and British polar explorer, presenter and keynote speaker and has created the Ice Warrior Project in 2001. The organization gives “ordinary” people the opportunity to become modern-day polar explorers.

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