#07 Darren Marble (Crowdfunding explained)

In this episode of the The Judgment Call Podcast Darren and I talk about:

  • What lead Darren to become a serial entrepreneur
  • The dilemma of choosing a career path and the emotional toll of being a serial entrepreneur
  • Has the adoption of technology slowed down and what to expect in the next 20 years?
  • How does crowdfunding work? What amounts can companies raise right now and in the near future?
  • How do crypto based funding rounds work (and ICOs) compared to crowdfunding?
  • What business do best using crowdfunding?
  • What does issuance.com provide for startups and what’s the “Going Public” show?
  • What is the role of religion in entrepreneurship?

Darren Marble is the CEO of Issuance.com, the leading provider of technology and marketing solutions for Reg A+ issuers raising capital in the US and Canada. issuance.com’ clients have raised over $250 million to date.

Darren is also the Executive Producer of Going PublicĀ®, a new original series that allows viewers to invest in IPOs.

You can reach Darren on Linkedin.