#09 Kelly Perdew (How to leverage curiosity, social capital and intuition into great businesses)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Kelly and I talk about:

  • How much you should specialize early in your life.
  • Should you listen to ‘billionaire mentors’?
  • Are military values are great basis for entrepreneurship? Is leadership training a predictor for start-up success?
  • Why gretel.ai and id.me are some of Moonshot Capital’s best investments.
  • How did COVID change the ‘deal flow’ for Venture Capital firms?
  • What impact will Crowdfunding have on Venture Capital?
  • What impact does religion have on entrepreneurship?

Kelly is a VC, Entrepreneur, Military Veteran, Winner of Season 2 – The Apprentice, and father of twins. Kelly is the co-founder & Managing General Partner of Moonshots Capital.

You can reach Kelly on LinkedIn.

P.S. Apologies for my audio quality – this will get much better very soon!