Bill Reichert (A very short history of technological progress, seed funding and innovation)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Bill and I talk about:

  • Should seed investors only invest in companies ‘that an idiot’ can run?
  • What role does talent play in seed rounds?
  • The short history of Angel Investing and Seed Funds
  • Bill’s first start-up and how he got into Venture Capital
  • The short history of Garage Technology Ventures and Guy Kawasaki
  • The TOP 10 lies of entrepreneurs & The TOP 10 lies of investors?
  • How does the VC industry help establish trust in the marketplace?
  • Crowdfunding and it’s future and influence
  • The problem with the monopoly of Google and Facebook in online advertising
  • Are Vision Fund investments IPO pipeline deals a bad idea for IPO investors?
  • Why the Federal Reserve policy and zombie companies pose a ‘structural risk’ for the US economy.
  • Garage Technology’s best and worst investments
  • Has the technology adoption cycle shortened?
  • Is the big stagnation in tech real?
  • Should we invest more money into basic research?
  • Will Artificial General Intelligence happen anytime soon?
  • Will the jobs replaced by AI matter more than one’s created by AI?
  • Will the next 20 years see more technological progress and/or more volatility?
  • Will there be another ‘sucker punch’ to the global economy before we start the roaring 30s?

Bill Reichert can easily be described as the ‘Oracle of Palo Alto’. After grinding his teeth in his own start-ups in the 1980’s and 1990s; he has been working as a seed stage investor since 1998 initially with Garage Technology Ventures and now under the roof of Pegasus Tech Ventures.

You can reach Bill on LinkedIn.

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