#08 Mike Sarraille (How to identify and hire talent instead of skills)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Mike and I talk about:

  • How it feels to risk your life every day as a NAVY SEAL.
  • Why and how society has moved away from the values presented and embedded by the military?
  • Why the NAVY SEAL’s ‘Basic Training’ is anything but BASIC.
  • How Mike went from Atherton, CA to the military.
  • How can talent be identified? What role does leadership development play in large corporations?
  • Can you still be effective when selling to big corporations HR departments?
  • Will AI ever be able to identify talent and how effective can it be at this?

Mike is the author of The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent – now available on Amazon.

MIKE SARRAILLE is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer, a graduate of the University of Texas McCombs Business School, and now a leadership instructor, speaker and strategic advisor for Echelon Front. Mike served fifteen years as an officer in the SEAL Teams and five years in the U.S. Marine Corps as an enlisted Recon Marine and Scout-Sniper. Mike served in SEAL Team THREE, Task Unit Bruiser alongside Extreme Ownership authors Jocko Willink and Leif Babin where he led major combat operations that played a pivotal role in the Battle of Ramadi in 2006. Mike is a recipient of the Silver Star, six Bronze Stars, two Defense Meritorious Service Medals, and a Purple Heart.

Upon his retirement from the Navy, Mike joined Echelon Front as leadership instructor, speaker, strategic advisor. He is CEO of Echelon Front Overwatch, a company that specializes in the recruiting, training and placement of U.S special operations forces veterans.