#98 Max Wiethe (The state of financial industry and financial media)

  • 00:03:30 What regulation should we employ in the financial industry? Does it make us more safe?
  • 00:10:57 How Max got into his current career and what he has learned from his interviewees.
  • 00:17:01 Is the world going crazy? Is the ‘attentionalism’ already changing people and is the financial industry a good showcase for this? Is ‘career risk’ actually the most important part of financial decision making? How should ‘risk taking’ work in the financial industry?
  • 00:27:00 What is the state of financial media? Why is holding up better than other parts of journalism?
  • 00:36:01 Which opportunities are available in the finance sector? Are entrepreneurial opportunities in other sectors of the economy really harder to come by than a few decades ago?
  • 00:41:16 Will machines take over everything but marketing and sales? Are humans competitive vs. machines in terms of making complex decisions?
  • 00:56:16 Will we see the ‘rise of independent curators’ in the financial industry?
  • 01:10:30 Have preferences for earning money changed? Is quality of life more important than high earnings?
  • 01:20:11 Will exploring new planets (and the possibilities of discovering assets) change the society on earth forever?

You may watch this episode on Youtube – Max Wiethe (The state of financial industry and financial journalism).

Max Wiethe is an editor and journalist at Real Vision where Max hosts a weekly series of interviews with financial industry heavyweights.

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