#53 – Noel Bagwell (Social Media, Libertarianism, Religion, The Future)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Noel Bagwell and I talk about:

  • 00:01:41 Where do political topics and memes come from? How does ‘the crowd’ select and rank them? Are we being intentionally mis-directed politically?
  • 00:10:55 When did the Internet get ‘corrupted’ from its ideals? What happened to Social Media companies?
  • 00:15:30 An ode to psychopaths and sociopaths…
  • 00:21:15 The short history of the emphasis on individual freedom in ‘the South’.
  • 00:26:01 Is the current mental health crisis a product of unrealistic expectations?
  • 00:31:20 Are we missing out by not teaching children enough about philosophy and economics?
  • 00:35:03 Why is the US politically so much ‘on fire’ now?
  • 00:48:16 Why libertarianism is misguided?
  • 00:57:20 What is the new role of religion? How it has changed over time especially in America.
  • 01:20:22 How are wisdom and knowledge related?
  • 01:32:22 Will working with AI look like following GPS directions?
  • and much more!

You may also watch this episode on Youtube – Noel Bagwell (Social Media, Libertarianism, Religion, The Future).

Noel Bagwell, is President and Chief Legal Counsel of Executive Legal Professionals.

Noel runs his own podcast ‘Profit from Legal‘.