#23 Mark Saroufim (Machine Learning – The Big Stagnation)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Mark Saroufim and I talk about:

  • Has the AI community become intellectually lazy and is there a a stagnation in progress?
  • Why is AI so complicated and what are the gatekeepers in AI research right now?
  • Should we expect Artificial General Intelligence soon? How predictable is the progress in AI?
  • Why is there so little innovation in creating ‘cheaper products’?
  • The surprising libertarian roots of Lebanon.
  • Why the Internet is so great of connected like-minded people.
  • The future of education – revisited.
  • and much more!

Mark Saroufim currently works with Graphcore and has previously worked for Microsoft, NASA and studied at UC San Diego and UC Berkeley. He is a prolific writer at Medium including his latest article Machine Learning: The Great Stagnation.

You may reach Mark via his website.