#84 Thomas Power (The Power of Social Networks)

  • 00:00:14 The origin story of Ecademy – the original social network for business.
  • 00:05:19 How social networks helped us get more connected but also made us more lonely at the same time. How can we find real trust and intimacy?
  • 00:12:03 How the way we ‘make connections’ has changed so much. Is Clubhouse a good tool to improve on that?
  • 00:16:06 What Social Media could have been? What went wrong in the last 10 years?
  • 00:28:28 What ‘free energy’ and ‘free software and hardware’ will change the marketplace.
  • 00:34:13 How a few ‘bad actors’ have hacked the Twitter and Facebook algorithm.
  • 00:42:53 Is loneliness a ‘treatable side effect’ of how we encounter our new ‘social normal’?
  • 00:48:01 How our life’s got easier but lonelier voluntarily. Is it all related to the changes in the Facebook algorithm in 2014?
  • 00:59:22 Why ‘all the upside’ of my life came from an Internet?! Would Nietzsche have been a more positive person with the Internet?
  • 01:10:52 Hear Thomas’ take on the ‘Fermi paradox’.

Thomas Power is a serial entrepreneur and independent Board Director based in the United Kingdom.

You may watch this episode on Youtube – #84 Thomas Power (The Power of Social Networks).

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