#24 Xavier de le Rue (Extreme Snowboarding ‘on the edge’)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Xavier de le Rue and I talk about:

  • How Xavier find his perfect locations and mitigates the enormous risk of his hobby and profession?
  • What video games and jumping off a cliff have in common?
  • How Xavier grew up to be a winter sports athlete (and the surprising story of his family of athletes)?
  • What to do in an avalanche?
  • How Xavier’s popular Youtube movies are actually being filmed.
  • The joys of snowboarding in Antarctica.
  • Are the Himalayas the final frontier for ‘extreme snowboarding?
  • Xaviers new podcast The Sustainability Dialogues Podcast

Xavier de le Rue is a World Champion of Snowboarding, Youtuber, Daredevil of Extreme Snowboarding who drops off 150 degrees from a mountain cliff before having his morning coffee. You may reach him via his website.

Xavier also hosts The Sustainability Dialogues Podcast.

Video credit for the Youtube episode: