#12 Daniel Gross (How to scale entrepreneurship and applied innovation and bring it to the world)

In this episode of The Judgment Call Podcast Daniel Gross and I talk about:

  • What attracted Daniel to starting companies in the first place?
  • What makes (scalable) software special for entrepreneurs?
  • What are the incentives in Open Source software ecosystem?
  • Is religion a major driver for entrepreneurship? What are the drivers for starting a company and where does this unending optimism come from?
  • How can ‘gamification’ help us learn?
  • How can we institute measurements for long-term consumer satisfaction?
  • How ‘Youtube style learning’ will change the future of the next generation.
  • What benefits pioneer.app offers to successful applicants?
  • How Pioneer can help curate a body of knowledge in entrepreneurship.
  • Is entrepreneurship an algorithm?
  • Are the BIG 5 personality traits predictive in a founder success?
  • Daniel’s views on the ‘Big stagnation’.
  • Daniel’s tips for the best places to start a company.

Daniel Gross is an entrepreneur and thinker and futurist who started out with Cue (a search engine). He later worked for Apple and joined  Y Combinator as a partner. Daniel is also an angel investor and runs his own (remote) distributed accelerator /incubator called pioneer.app (funded by Stripe and Marc Andreessen).

You can reach Daniel on Twitter.