#72 Jeff Cornwall (Why and how we need to foster entrepreneurship)

  • 00:02:08 How Jeff’s journey to teaching entrepreneurship got started? How does he define entrepreneurship?
  • 00:12:02 Why it is crucial to emphasize risk taking in our society.
  • 00:18:48 Are the opportunities for entrepreneurs diminished? Is it the millennials’ generation ‘fault’ or is it the way we have run the economy? Is the ‘coddling of the American mind’ the problem?
  • 00:28:52 Is venture investment really such a positive force in risk taking in society? Has the nature of businesses changed? Are they more ‘sales driven’ than ever?
  • 00:39:52 Is there an entrepreneurial gene? Can we all be entrepreneurs?
  • 00:45:33 How is entrepreneurship related to religion? Can we extract meta rules out of religions? Why is entrepreneurship not equally distributed globally?
  • 01:11:59 How has entrepreneurship evolved over the millenia? Which countries do the best job at fostering entrepreneurship currently?

You may watch this episode on Youtube – #72 Jeff Cornwall (Why and how we need to foster entrepreneurship).

Jeff Cornwall is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Belmont University. He also runs the Entrepreneurial Mind blog. He has authored nine books on entrepreneurship and was named the National Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year.