#95 Imran Lakha (How to use option strategies to improve your market edge)

  • 00:00:38 How Imran found his way from Wall Street to teaching option strategies at Options Insight.
  • 00:09:42 What retail traders should learn before trading options. Why meme stocks options are such a ‘rational choice’ right now?
  • 00:14:42 Where are the best opportunities for trading options to still have an edge?
  • 00:24:45 What is Imran’s view on the delation/inflation scenario? Are commodities a good hedge?
  • 00:29:35 Why does a ‘rational investor’ buy negative yielding bonds (or very low yielding bonds) at all considering the inflation risk?
  • 00:36:35 Did Softbank successfully manipulate the stock market for mid-tier tech stocks in 2020?
  • 00:43:19 Is there a ‘low risk’ strategy to buy/sell volatility?
  • 00:48:56 What are excellent, low risk hedging strategies for a portfolio? Can a option based ‘hedge’ actually make money?
  • 01:03:15 What is the strong relationship between low interest rates and money losing tech companies?
  • 01:08:10 Is there are place for ‘value investors’ left? Why does the investment world basically just ‘bet on more free money’ instead?
  • 01:13:14 What is Imran’s strategy to use options trading Bitcoin upside/ downside?

You may watch this episode on Youtube – #95 Imran Lakha (How to use option strategies to improve your market edge).

Imran Lakha has been working with Citibank, Bank of America and Credit Suisse trading options. He now teaches options strategies at Options Insight.

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