#74 Ben Seidl (How to rebuild a friendlier ‘Third Space’?)

  • 00:01:46 The genesis of Neyborly and its business model.
  • 00:11:41 Is ‘commercial real estate’ in a secular crisis? What are the reasons for that? Is it (still) to expensive?
  • 00:21:44 How did Neyborly fix the issue of long-term liabilities and short term income (that almost killed WeWork)?
  • 00:29:18 How did Neyborly solve the hard part of multi local marketing?
  • 00:42:03 How Neyborly is fostering a real community? Why is building a community so hard?
  • 00:53:22 Did COVID and the tech industry change how people interact with each other.
  • 01:04:29 Why an honest, rational debate of political topics is so hard in the Bay Area (and beyond)?

You may watch this episode on Youtube – #74 Ben Seidl (How to rebuild a friendlier ‘Third Place’?).

Ben Seidel is the co-founder of Neyborly. He’s on a mission to build a network of gathering hubs using under-utilized, urban real-estate.