#27 Desi-Rae Thinking (Big Tech, political narratives, why 2021 got so crazy and the strength of Bitcoin)

In this episode of The Judgment Call Podcast Desi-Rae and I talk about:

  • How these ‘social media bans’ actually got started.
  • Why ‘Big Tech is so powerful’ and why it is ‘eating politics’ right now.
  • Is the ‘race conflict’ and ‘gender conflict’ and other hot button political issues just narratives that are used to distract citizens?
  • How and why did the world go so ‘crazy’ the last few years?
  • Is the overshoot of empathy to blame for the divisiveness of today?
  • What are the pros/cons of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the impact of the movement in summer 2020 in the US.
  • Do Desi-Rae’s political opinions shape her artwork?
  • Is Bitcoin a tool to create a better and more responsible government?

Desi-Rae is a Youtuber, Crypto enthusiast and artist. Desi-Rae started with videos she recorded while driving and she is not worried about touching sensitive topics likeĀ Race and IQ, Fascinated and Horrified.

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You can reach Desi-Rae via Twitter.