#44 – Bernard Moon (Accelerator Investing gone global)

In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast Bernard Moon and I talk about:

  • What is the right amount of co-founders and how can you validate if a co-founder is a great fit? Is a seasoned entrepreneur or college drop-out the better choice?
  • How SparkLabs Global Ventures found success investing in companies in Asia (especially in South Korea and Australia).
  • Is attention more important than money as a startup?
  • What influence does religion have on entrepreneurship?
  • Are we in a simulation (and Bernard’s surprising answer!)
  • How to do Basic Research right.
  • and much more!

You can watch this episode on Youtube – The Judgment Call Podcast Episode #44 – Bernard Moon (Accelerator Investing gone global).

Bernard Moon is the co-founder & Partner at SparkLabs Group, which is a network of accelerators and venture capital funds that has invested in over 300 companies across 6 continents since 2013.