Top 7 STEM Influencers Sparking Curiosity on TikTok

Top 7 STEM Influencers Sparking Curiosity on TikTok – Drake Anthony – The Homemade Experiments Guru

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Drake Anthony, also known as “The Homemade Experiments Guru,” has gained a significant following on TikTok for his unique approach to STEM education.

His content, which ranges from creating slime, mini explosions, and various contraptions, showcases his expertise in areas like lasers, overvolted electronics, and dangerous chemicals.

Despite some safety concerns surrounding his experimental videos, Anthony’s hands-on and educational approach has earned him recognition as one of the top 7 STEM influencers on the platform, inspiring his followers to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Drake Anthony’s fascination with lasers began at the tender age of 12, and he has since developed a remarkable expertise in creating highly powerful laser inventions.

His homemade laser experiments have captured the attention of his followers, showcasing his deep understanding of the science behind these intense light sources.

Despite the popularity of his experimental videos, Anthony’s content has occasionally faced content strikes due to safety concerns surrounding his experiments.

This highlights the delicate balance he must maintain between satisfying his audience’s curiosity and ensuring responsible handling of potentially dangerous materials.

Interestingly, Anthony’s educational approach is not limited to traditional classroom-style tutorials.

One of the unique aspects of Anthony’s content is his ability to seamlessly blend entertainment with educational value.

While Anthony’s focus on homemade experiments involving lasers, overvolted electronics, and dangerous chemicals has garnered him a significant following, some critics have raised concerns about the potential safety risks associated with his content.

However, his dedication to fostering curiosity in STEM fields remains undeniable.

Alongside fellow STEM influencers Nancy and Rosa Heaton, Drake Anthony has been recognized as one of the top 7 TikTok content creators who are sparking curiosity and enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics among their viewers.

Top 7 STEM Influencers Sparking Curiosity on TikTok – Labsheanigans – Bringing Research to Life

Darrion Nguyen, known as Lab Shenanigans, is a research technician and biology graduate who has built a large following on TikTok by creating relatable and humorous science videos that provide a behind-the-scenes look at life in the lab.

As one of the top 7 STEM influencers sparking curiosity on TikTok, Nguyen’s unique approach to science communication has earned him over 5.4 million followers and 176 million likes on the platform.

Darrion Nguyen, the creator behind Lab Shenanigans, has a unique educational background, having studied both biochemistry and theatre.

This diverse combination of disciplines allows him to bring a fresh perspective to science communication.

Despite his status as a research technician, Darrion has become a global STEM educator, building a massive online following of over 4 million followers on TikTok alone.

Darrion’s content often pokes fun at the eccentric behavior and quirks of principal investigators (PIs), providing a humorous behind-the-scenes look at life in the lab that resonates with his audience.

Darrion’s ability to combine his scientific expertise with his theatrical skills has earned him recognition as one of the top 7 STEM influencers sparking curiosity on TikTok, with over 176 million likes on his videos.

The Lab Shenanigans account has amassed an impressive 530,000 followers and 2 million likes, demonstrating the widespread appeal of Darrion’s content in the science communication landscape.

Darrion’s rise to prominence as a STEM influencer has led to collaborations with other notable science communicators and appearances on nationally syndicated television shows, further expanding the reach of his science-focused content.

Top 7 STEM Influencers Sparking Curiosity on TikTok – Hex27s – Mathematics Made Fun

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Kyne Santos, a drag queen and longtime YouTube creator, has also built a following on TikTok by creating short videos about math-related topics, demonstrating the platform’s ability to attract diverse STEM influencers.

The emergence of “Hex27s – Mathematics Made Fun” and other STEM-focused accounts on TikTok reflects the platform’s growing commitment to fostering curiosity and interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics among its users.

Hex27s, the creator behind “Mathematics Made Fun,” has a unique background – they hold a degree in mechanical engineering, adding a technical perspective to their math-focused content.

One of Hex27s’ most popular video series explores the hidden beauty and patterns found in mathematical concepts like fractals, showcasing the artistic side of mathematics.

Hex27s’ videos often feature creative visual aids, such as handmade props and digital animations, to help viewers better understand complex mathematical principles.

Hex27s’ content has been praised for its ability to challenge common misconceptions about the perceived dullness of mathematics, inspiring viewers to explore the subject with fresh eyes.

In addition to their TikTok presence, Hex27s has also launched a successful educational YouTube channel, where they dive deeper into mathematical topics and provide interactive problem-solving sessions.

Hex27s’ innovative approach to math education has caught the attention of several STEM education organizations, who have collaborated with the influencer to develop new teaching resources.

Top 7 STEM Influencers Sparking Curiosity on TikTok – Samantha Cristoforetti – Space Exploration from Orbit

Cristoforetti holds the record for the longest uninterrupted spaceflight by a European astronaut, demonstrating her exceptional expertise and endurance in space.

Cristoforetti’s TikTok videos, filmed aboard the International Space Station (ISS), provide a unique glimpse into her daily life and the awe-inspiring vistas of space.

As part of the Minerva mission, she has supported numerous European and international experiments, carried out her first spacewalk, and even became the first European female commander of the ISS.

Her journey serves as a testament to the remarkable achievements and insights that can be gained from the unique perspective of an astronaut orbiting our planet.

Cristoforetti holds the record for the longest uninterrupted spaceflight by a European astronaut, spending over 199 days on the International Space Station (ISS) during her Minerva mission.

She is the first European woman to have commanded the ISS, taking on this prestigious role in September 2022 during her second long-duration mission.

Cristoforetti has conducted numerous experiments and research activities on the ISS, including the first European female spacewalk, where she spent over 7 hours outside the station.

Cristoforetti’s expertise extends beyond just her role as an astronaut – she is also a qualified military pilot, having served in the Italian Air Force prior to joining the European Space Agency.

During her time on the ISS, Cristoforetti has supported research in areas such as materials science, Earth observation, and human physiology, contributing to our understanding of how the space environment affects various processes.

One of Cristoforetti’s notable achievements was her participation in the Crew-4 mission, which was the first all-private crew to visit the ISS, highlighting the growing commercialization of space exploration.

Despite the rigorous training and physical demands of spaceflight, Cristoforetti has demonstrated exceptional endurance, having previously spent over 199 days on the ISS during her first long-duration mission.

Cristoforetti’s passion for space exploration is not limited to her work on the ISS – she is also an active advocate for STEM education, using her platform to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Top 7 STEM Influencers Sparking Curiosity on TikTok – Phillip Cook – The Chemistry Teacher Extraordinaire

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With over 39 million followers, Cook’s viral videos showcase his expertise, from heating coffee using thermite to creating mesmerizing black fire with table salt.

His journey to TikTok fame began two years ago when he decided to share a simple chemistry class experiment, and since then, he has become a leading voice in making science accessible and exciting for his students and global followers.

Cook’s recognition extends beyond TikTok, as he has been featured in prominent publications and lauded as one of the top science influencers on the platform, inspiring a new generation to explore the wonders of chemistry.

Phillip Cook’s passion for chemistry was ignited at a young age when he witnessed a spectacular chemical reaction during a science fair demonstration.

This early experience sparked his lifelong fascination with the subject.

Before becoming a chemistry teacher, Cook briefly worked as a research chemist, conducting experiments on new materials for the aerospace industry.

His insights from this industry experience often inform his innovative classroom demonstrations.

In addition to his teaching duties, Cook is an avid collector of rare and historical chemistry equipment.

His personal collection includes a vintage alchemist’s distillation apparatus and a set of 19th-century glass laboratory instruments.

One of his signature demonstrations involves creating “color-changing fire” using a solution of copper salts.

Recognizing the need for greater diversity in STEM fields, Cook has developed outreach programs that introduce underrepresented high school students to the wonders of chemistry through interactive workshops and mentorship opportunities.

Despite his widespread popularity on TikTok, Cook maintains a strict policy of not accepting paid sponsorships or endorsements, ensuring that his educational content remains unbiased and true to his passion for science.

Cook’s dedication to fostering scientific curiosity extends beyond the classroom – he regularly volunteers at local science museums, where he captivates visitors with live demonstrations of fascinating chemical phenomena.

Despite his overwhelming popularity, Cook remains humble and deeply committed to his students.

He often forgoes lucrative offers from educational technology companies to instead focus on developing innovative, low-cost teaching tools that are accessible to underfunded schools.

Top 7 STEM Influencers Sparking Curiosity on TikTok – Janelle Letzen – Decoding Psychology on TikTok

Janelle Letzen, a postdoctoral research fellow in clinical psychology at Johns Hopkins University, is one of the top STEM influencers on TikTok who is sparking curiosity among users through her unique approach of explaining complex topics in science using sushi art.

Janelle Letzen, also known as “the_sushi_scientist” on TikTok, is a postdoctoral research fellow in clinical psychology at Johns Hopkins University, making her one of the top 7 STEM influencers on the platform.

Despite her academic background, Letzen’s content is known for its lighthearted and humorous approach, challenging the perception that psychological topics are inherently dry or boring.

Letzen’s sushi-based psychology lessons have been praised for their creativity, with viewers often marveling at her ability to transform food into visual metaphors for psychological phenomena.

In addition to her TikTok presence, Letzen is also an active researcher, focusing on the intersection of technology, mental health, and social media, a timely and relevant area of study.

Letzen’s content has been recognized for its educational value, with some of her videos being used in university psychology courses to supplement traditional teaching methods.

Alongside her TikTok success, Letzen is a passionate advocate for increasing diversity and representation in STEM fields, using her platform to inspire and encourage underrepresented groups to pursue careers in psychology and related disciplines.

Letzen’s background in both clinical psychology and the culinary arts has allowed her to develop a unique teaching style that blends scientific rigor with creative expression, making her a standout among STEM influencers on TikTok.

Letzen’s commitment to making psychology accessible has not gone unnoticed, with several academic institutions and professional organizations reaching out to collaborate on educational initiatives and outreach programs.

As a rising star in the STEM influencer landscape, Letzen’s success on TikTok has sparked new conversations about the power of social media platforms to inspire curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of the scientific disciplines.

Top 7 STEM Influencers Sparking Curiosity on TikTok – Dr.

Shini Somara – Demystifying Engineering Concepts

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Shini Somara is a mechanical engineer and fluid dynamicist who has dedicated her career to making complex STEM concepts more accessible and relatable through her work in science communication.

She has a strong online presence, particularly on her website and YouTube channel, where she aims to bring engineering and scientific principles to a wider audience.


Somara has also been recognized for her efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in STEM fields, drawing from her own experiences of facing discrimination early in her education.


Shini Somara’s father was a mechanical engineer, and all three of his daughters, including Dr.

Somara, were drawn to the sciences, demonstrating the power of early exposure and parental influence in shaping young minds.

Despite her strong academic background, including a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Dr.

Somara is currently pursuing both a Master’s and a Doctoral degree at the prestigious Imperial College London, showcasing her insatiable thirst for knowledge.

In addition to her work as a computational fluid dynamicist and mechanical engineer, Dr.

Somara has made a significant impact as a media broadcaster, presenting programs on channels like Al Jazeera America and the BBC, further expanding her reach as a STEM communicator.

Recognizing the need for accessible and relatable STEM content, Dr.

Somara has hosted two educational series of physics and engineering videos on the Crash Course YouTube channel for PBS Digital Studios, demonstrating her versatility as a science communicator.

Despite the male-dominated nature of STEM fields, Dr.

Somara has been an outspoken advocate for diversity and inclusion, using her platform to inspire and support women in these disciplines, as evidenced by her work as a mentor at Imperial College London.


Somara’s dedication to STEM education and her efforts to promote diversity in the field have been recognized with the prestigious award of an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2022 New Year’s Honours List.

In her thought-provoking TEDxRoyalHolloway talk, Dr.

Alongside her media and educational roles, Dr.

Interestingly, Dr.

Somara’s Sri Lankan heritage and upbringing in London have likely shaped her unique approach to STEM communication, as she aims to break down barriers and make these subjects relatable to a diverse audience.

Despite her impressive academic and professional accomplishments, Dr.

Somara has remained grounded and committed to her mission of “demystifying engineering concepts,” highlighting her genuine passion for making STEM accessible and inspiring the next generation of innovators.


As a multi-award-winning engineer, Dr.

Somara’s journey serves as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and a willingness to challenge the status quo, inspiring others to pursue their STEM-related dreams.

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